Item collection il fullxfull.1143246320 syhh

60 Victorian Trade Cards, Antique Images Lot, Original Cards Cut From Albums, Die Cuts, 13901


Item collection il fullxfull.740369523 4d3x

Embroidered Pillow Case - Vintage Cotton Pillowcase Red Crocheted Edging 12094


Item collection il fullxfull.1046985613 apzi

3 Large Crochet Doilies, Ruffled Borders, Hand Crocheted, Colorful Centerpieces 13339


Item collection il fullxfull.1106353245 puu2

DAMAGED Large Openworked Doily, Crochet Centerpiece, White Crocheted Vintage Table Linens 13698


Item collection il fullxfull.1189810601 plqm

6 Victorian Cat Cards, Antique Images, Original Kitten Cards Cut From Albums, Die Cuts, 13899


Item collection il fullxfull.1059432136 73pm

4 Assorted Crochet Doilies, Vintage Knit Doily, Whites and Pinks Lot 13694


Item collection il fullxfull.452676771 6qam

Superb Vintage Linen Tablecloth Cross Stitched Embroidered Table Cloth 9623


Item collection il fullxfull.709088828 4dxk

Crochet Border Fabric Center Doily or Placemat - Off White - Hand Crocheted Edge 11813


Item collection il fullxfull.1189852137 3y9n

60 Victorian Trade Cards, Antique Images Lot, Original Cards Cut From Albums, Die Cuts, 13902


Item collection il fullxfull.1067564222 32im

Pineapple Crochet Doilies in White - 3 Matching, Vintage Table Linens 13739


Item collection il fullxfull.1112852291 jc2w

Synthetic Lace Material, Fabric Lace in Cream, Unfinished Edges 13736


Item collection il fullxfull.737654679 7pbw

Vintage Filet Lace Doily - White Lacy Cotton Doilies 12067


Item collection il fullxfull.1186893287 dch6

One Vintage Filet Lace Doily or Placemat, Vintage Doilies, Table Linens 5394


Item collection il fullxfull.737262680 34tv

Linen Runner - Table Scarf Faded Embroidery and Applique Ends 12056


Item collection il fullxfull.453231004 hibm

Vintage Doily - Crochet White Art Deco Sunrise Doily 9653


Item collection il fullxfull.1065843624 lrle

Large Crochet Doily, Cream Knit Cloth, Hand Crocheted Doilies, Vintage Linens 13731


Item collection il fullxfull.461086921 834v

Vintage Table Topper or Small Tablecloth - Hand Filet Crocheted in White - Damaged 9894


Item collection il fullxfull.1046643387 79q6

Pink and White Runner - Vintage Hand Crocheted Table Linens or Long Doily, Crochet Mantel Scarf 13331


Item collection il fullxfull.1107009049 3xyf

6 Assorted Crochet Doilies and Heat Pads, Vintage Knit Doily, Whites and Oranges Lot 13696


Item collection il fullxfull.824568424 d9qs

Embroidered Ecru Table Runner - Linen with Floral Motif and Crochet Edging 12757


Item collection il fullxfull.838337109 698n

Embroidered Light Ecru Table Runner - Linen with Peacock Motif and Crochet Lace Edging 12762


Item collection il fullxfull.360330967 pdxj

13 Inch White Lacy Crochet Doily - Pineapple Patterned, Vintage Doiles 12915


Item collection il fullxfull.1107813961 ns82

Oval Doily in White, Crochet Centerpiece, Hand Crocheted, Vintage Table Linens 13711


Item collection il fullxfull.479099107 3l3y

Vintage Linen Guest Towel - Embroidered on Huck Linen 5417


Item collection il fullxfull.691740997 oq8n

Crocheted Table Runner - Table Scarf in White 9717


Item collection il fullxfull.426996312 tvor

Cross Stitched Embroidered Linen Tablecloth Table Cloth - Vintage Linens - Christmas Poinsettia 9234


Item collection il fullxfull.1058547644 tsru

3 Knitted Doilies in Crisp White, Vintage Linens Circular Matching Doily Lot 13693


Item collection il fullxfull.1106345155 iznp

3 Assorted Crochet Doilies, Vintage Knit Doily, Whites and Pinks Lot 13695


Item collection il fullxfull.1189812177 pj2s

9 Victorian Trade and PostCards, Antique Images, Original Cards Cut From Albums, Die Cuts, 13900


Item collection il fullxfull.729582337 dz6y

DAMAGED Linen Table Runner or Scarf - Lace Edge - 11972


Item collection il fullxfull.335352594

Vintage Filet Crocheted Scarf or Table Runner in Lavender 4680


Item collection il fullxfull.1183522711 eawj

25 Victorian Trade Cards, Antique Images, Original Cards Cut From Albums, Die Cuts, 13896


Item collection il fullxfull.473890321 s4pe

Vintage Linen Napkins, 5 Matching Linens, Embroidered Linen, Serviettes 10092


Item collection il fullxfull.826632572 47tt

Large Crochet Doily, Square Centerpiece, Crocheted in White, Gold Edging, Vintage Handmade 12758


Item collection il fullxfull.736430884 8r29

8 Colorful Vintage Crocheted Potholders Oven Mitts Heat Pads M141


Item collection il fullxfull.1113407549 ohoo

2 Knitted Doilies in Off White, Vintage Knit Doily - Circular and Oval 13737


Item collection il fullxfull.1067036076 k7uz

Vintage Filet Lace, 2 Doilies in Light Grey Shade, Handmade Lace 13738


Item collection il fullxfull.1065271384 mo95

15 Lace Crochet Yokes, Bodices or Collars and Crocheted Trim, Handmade Crochet Lot 13726


Item collection il fullxfull.1064236890 2c01

White Lace Table Runner - Machine Lace Table Scarf, Vintage Linens 13713


Item collection il fullxfull.1111843355 33v8

5 Matching Doilies, Wagon Wheel Crochet, Vintage Table Linens, Doily Lot 13725


Item collection il fullxfull.566081536 ieiw

DAMAGED Linen Table Runner - Embroidered Vintage Linens 10900


Item collection il fullxfull.736257574 8m91

22 Inch Crochet Runner in Variegated Oranges - Hand Crocheted 12037


Item collection il fullxfull.684676127 g3wz

Small Jacquard Table Cloth Tablecloth in Soft Cream 5259


Item collection il fullxfull.972140278 1kl1

4 Linen Center Doilies, Embroidered Placemats, White Linen, Tray Cloths 13119


Item collection il fullxfull.1057673758 pci5

Lace Table Runner Off White, Short Centerpiece, Lace Linens 13677


Item collection il fullxfull.827825871 t43g

Crocheted Doily, Vintage Crochet Doily, White with Green Tips, Star Border, Vintage Linens 12760


Item collection il fullxfull.1129990378 scyk

Victorian Scrapbook, Trade Cards Album, Antique Images, 1887, 35 Pages, Original Calling Cards


Item collection il fullxfull.739837342 80sp

Filet Crochet Doily or Placemat - Hand Crocheted - Basket and Flowers 12093


Item collection il fullxfull.677935964 8csg

Chunky Doily in Cream- Hand Crocheted 11662


Item collection il fullxfull.1049306958 so4y

Crocheted Half Apron or Pinny - Multicolored with Tie Waist 13662


Item collection il fullxfull.1183490205 9c5f

Victorian Postcards, Antique Mother Images, Original Post Cards, Early 1900s, 13894


Item collection b7d88fed 4269 40a0 9ab0 081387cb1249

Linen Hand Towel, Fingertip Towel, Embroidered, Hand Stitched, Vintage Kitchen Linens M-124 4637


Item collection il fullxfull.621409643 1qsh

Pillow Case or Slip Tatted Edged Vintage Cotton 11319


Item collection il fullxfull.1052271182 axfv

Crochet Doilies, 2 Similar Hand Made Doilies in Light Ecru, Handmade Crocheted Doilies 13671


Item collection il fullxfull.1135543768 mpr5

Vintage Crochet Doily, Filet Crocheted, Medium Ecru, Vintage Linens, Ecru Doilies 13154


Item collection il fullxfull.971137528 fzd5

Crochet Doily, Crocheted Placemat, Light Ecru, Vintage Linens, Hand Crocheted - 13108


Item collection il fullxfull.733648815 4bch

Vintage Linen Tablecloth Embroidered with Crochet Edging 2157


Item collection il fullxfull.767138085 afu6

Vintage Raised Flower Crochet Placemat or Centerpiece in White 12272


Item collection il fullxfull.482475530 718z

Linen Embroidered Table Runner or Scarf - Wide Lace Edge - Damaged 10185


Item collection il fullxfull.766825353 jiax

3 Large Vintage Filet Lace Armchair Doilies or Placemats Different Shades, Non Matching 12427


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