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Vintage Table Topper, or Small Tablecloth, Hand Crocheted in White, Fluted Edge 12206


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Linen Table Cloth, Cross Stitched Tablecloth, Table Topper, White and Red 13462


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Linen Table Topper, Vintage Linen Tablecloth, Small Table Cloth, Card Table Cloth with Embroidery 12339


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Large Linen Tablecloth Table Cloth - Machine Embroidered Bronze on Light Ecru, 6 Matching Napkins 12845


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Linen Table Cloth, Embroidered Tablecloth, Table Topper, Off White, Daisy Embroidery 13461


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Large Crocheted Centerpiece, Table Topper in Pineapple Pattern, Orange and White Crochet 13469


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Large Unfinished Tablecloth, Embroidered Linen, Vintage Embroidery, Table Linens 13466


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Circular Tablecloth, Hand Crochet Table Cloth, Cotton Light Ecru Shade 13783


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Superb Vintage Linen Tablecloth Cross Stitched Embroidered Table Cloth 9623


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Vintage Table Topper or Small Tablecloth - Hand Filet Crocheted in White - Damaged 9894


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Cross Stitched Embroidered Linen Tablecloth Table Cloth - Vintage Linens - Christmas Poinsettia 9234


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Small Jacquard Table Cloth Tablecloth in Soft Cream 5259


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Vintage Linen Tablecloth Embroidered with Crochet Edging 2157


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Vintage Crochet Doily or Centerpiece Variegated Oranges - Hand Crocheted, Large Doilies 4903


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Vintage Light Linen Table Cloth - Embroidered Tablecloth 11315


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Damask Tablecloth and 4 Matching Napkins Set - Linen Table Cloth 8087


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40 Inch Synthetic Lace Tablecloth in Cream, Lacy Table Cloth 13613


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