Item collection il fullxfull.1070113271 hriz

Linen Runner - Embroidered Table Scarf with Blanket Stitch Edging 12059


Item collection il fullxfull.613459068 2vh0

Linen Table Runner - Embroidered Vintage Linens 11314


Item collection il fullxfull.482445635 b4kl

Crochet Placemat or Short Runner in Off White - Vintage Table Linens - Has Marks 10183


Item collection il fullxfull.1229821899 6vab

Table Runner or Table Scarf in Gold and White, Vintage Crochet 13566


Item collection il fullxfull.1023574556 eo2d

Older Vintage Table Runner Crochet Edge - Embroidered Florals 8496


Item collection il fullxfull.1108766066 a92t

2 Short Table Runners, Centerpieces or Doilies, Matching Crochet Doilies 13793


Item collection il fullxfull.755525870 r9m9

DAMAGED Vintage Embroidered Linen Table Runner - Table Scarf - Vintage Linens 12340


Item collection il fullxfull.862288128 6y4u

Embroidered Table Runner - Linen with Floral Motif and Crochet Edging, Ecru Linen 12898


Item collection il fullxfull.742924249 pyf5

White Linen, Table Runner, Monogrammed, Tassels, Vintage Linens, Table Scarf 12125


Item collection il fullxfull.737262680 34tv

Linen Runner - Table Scarf Faded Embroidery and Applique Ends 12056


Item collection il fullxfull.461086921 834v

Vintage Table Topper or Small Tablecloth - Hand Filet Crocheted in White - Damaged 9894


Item collection il fullxfull.1046643387 79q6

Pink and White Runner - Vintage Hand Crocheted Table Linens or Long Doily, Crochet Mantel Scarf 13331


Item collection il fullxfull.824568424 d9qs

Embroidered Ecru Table Runner - Linen with Floral Motif and Crochet Edging 12757


Item collection il fullxfull.838337109 698n

Embroidered Light Ecru Table Runner - Linen with Peacock Motif and Crochet Lace Edging 12762


Item collection il fullxfull.691740997 oq8n

Crocheted Table Runner - Table Scarf in White 9717


Item collection il fullxfull.729582337 dz6y

DAMAGED Linen Table Runner or Scarf - Lace Edge - 11972


Item collection il fullxfull.335352594

Vintage Filet Crocheted Scarf or Table Runner in Lavender 4680


Item collection il fullxfull.1064236890 2c01

White Lace Table Runner - Machine Lace Table Scarf, Vintage Linens 13713


Item collection il fullxfull.566081536 ieiw

DAMAGED Linen Table Runner - Embroidered Vintage Linens 10900


Item collection il fullxfull.736257574 8m91

22 Inch Crochet Runner in Variegated Oranges - Hand Crocheted 12037


Item collection il fullxfull.1057673758 pci5

Lace Table Runner Off White, Short Centerpiece, Lace Linens 13677


Item collection il fullxfull.482475530 718z

Linen Embroidered Table Runner or Scarf - Wide Lace Edge - Damaged 10185


Item collection il fullxfull.972240212 2ev7

Embroidered Ecru Table Runner - Linen with Floral Motif and Crochet Edging 13203


Item collection il fullxfull.729010354 pi35

Linen Bronze Embroidered Table Runner - Off White Table Scarf 11971


Item collection il fullxfull.1072005673 i7r9

Matching Runner Linens, Duchess Dresser Doilies, Vintage Set of Three 12203


Item collection il fullxfull.1071013033 74qh

Crocheted Table Runner or Scarf in Medium Ecru, Vintage Crochet Linens 13428


Item collection il fullxfull.1004519571 did3

Embroidered Runner. Vintage Linens, French Knots, Floral Motif, Crochet Edging, Light Ecru Linen 13147


Item collection il fullxfull.1072543123 j614

2 Vintage Synthetic Lace, Table Runners, Cream and White, Light Weight - 13570


Item collection il fullxfull.957968428 2gc9

Short Table Runner, Crochet Table Scarf, Medium Ecru, Cotton Mantle Scarf, Vintage Linens 13153


Item collection il fullxfull.708636752 g8p7

DAMAGED Crochet Table Runner - Pineapple Patterned - White Mantle Scarf 11799


Item collection il fullxfull.675172846 fexn

Vintage Chemical Lace Table Runner Scarf - French Cream Centerpiece 11644


Item collection il fullxfull.1065522965 1lfw

Embroidered Table Runner, Linen Cross Stitched, Vintage Table Scarf 13480


Item collection il fullxfull.854200861 sho0

Vintage Linen Runner, Embroidered Table Scarf, Crochet Lace Edging 12895


Item collection il fullxfull.363429981

Embroidered Table Runner - Linen Cross Stitched Damaged 5202


Item collection il fullxfull.743662701 l9ti

Vintage Crocheted Table Runner or Table Scarf in White 12161


Item collection il fullxfull.737418912 a4u7

Linen Runner - Embroidered Table Scarf - Cross Stitched on Pulled Linen 12060


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